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583 The cemetíry a deth I (Er cimiterio de la morte I)
Translated by Peter Nicholas Dale
I'd cum back from Our Ladyís a the Vegie-Patch
With that basket grocer, an then wení with me mate,
That crippled commissioner uv alms, ta catch
Up with his mob at their cemetíry an celebrate.
Gazen at the skeletuns, I cudn't help but note
That a maníutís aliveís jus like a maníutís ded:
It's a dam queer thing - puts the wind up a bloke
Ta twigíut a ded manís skull lies inside uv his hed.
I discuvered that, hanísome or ugly, when ya rot,
Whether yer a bishop, a prince or a knave,
The sorda hed I'm talken aboutís worn by the lot.
So here, good ní bad, bludgers an themíut strive,
The learnŤd, the donkeys, ní mad folks ut rave,
Were all ded long before they was ever alive.
The sonnet is translated into "Strine", the dialect spoken in Australia down to the 1960s.