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774 The life a man  (La vita dell'Omo)
Translated by Peter Nicholas Dale

Nine munths in the stench: then swaddlen banís,
An smoochy kisses ní cradlecap ní whingy tears:
Then jolly jumpers ní strollers ta gedíem off their hanís,
Dressed up in frippery, hedpads, britches an gear.

Then school starts up, an with it the torchure:
The alfabet, the canens an the chillblains,
German measles ní poopen on a potty chair,
Scarlet fever, chickenpox, mumps an sprains.

Then learnen a trade, fasts, ní the sheer bruní
A life - the rent, the prisons, the hospiddul,
The gumíment athoridies, dets an cuní.
Sun over summer: snow fru the winíer spell . . .
An then, at long last, God bless us all,
Deth bowls on in, an it all enís up with hell.
The sonnet is translated into "Strine", the dialect spoken in Australia down to the 1960s.