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597 Holeywhore at Montanara Square I (Santaccia de Piazza Montanara I)
Translated by Peter Nicholas Dale
She deserved, Holeywhore, that dame from Hornsville,
The kid-glove treatment she was such a good sport.
With blokes like bricks, or thin as a weed, she always thort
Oud how ta fix up all-cumers, n’give each uv’em his fill.
She'd take on hicks drest up like a sore toe
Four at a time - only she knew the knack a that stunt:
She’d take’em standen, wun’ud hop in up front
While the uther’ud take to w’a rear an have a go.
In the meantime, ta keep the bumpkins happy she'd lan’
Anutha two each side, like altar boys, an catch
'Em by their rockets an polish’em off with either han’.
An’a keep ev’rywun sadusfied with the price, the lot,
Wodever she gave ya, her arse, a handjob or’a snatch,
Cost exactly the same, a penny a shot in any slot.
The sonnet is translated into "Strine", the dialect spoken in Australia down to the 1960s.