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1217 Dyen (Se more)
Translated by Peter Nicholas Dale 

Ya hird who carked it this mornen oud on me farm?
Pissback carked it – yeah, me ol’ donkey’s ded.
Poor dear beast: he was, I swear, so well-bred
That a queen cudda ridden him without a qualm.
I was leaden him off frum the miller’s place
With six hundredweight a flour packed in’a three sacks,
An he’d alreddy keeled over ten times: he was slack,
He was, a stumbler until he’d ged up sum pace.
I’d warned him tho: ‘Don’ take anuther roll”;
But the fucken pig wudn’t lissen tw’an experienced drover,
An did it agen, so I thumped him wun on the poll.
Well, then he made a soun’ sorda like a sneeze,
Kicked his legs out, an the pardy was over.
The poor barstčd! It saddened me, I tell ya. Wot stiff cheese! 
The sonnet is translated into "Strine", the dialect spoken in Australia down to the 1960s.